Additional Resources

Development of Manuscripts for Publication
In this presentation, Dr. Chen provides advice on constructing, editing, and publishing a quality manuscript. Last updated September 2015.

How to Write a Winning Proposal
The LEES lab has successfully secured funding for dozens of projects, but not without persistant determination. More than half of well-written proposals go unfunded, and the time-consuming effort to draft and submit can be daunting. In this presentation, Dr. Chen offers his methods for creating an award winning proposal and advice to keep you motivated.

Invitation for Coauthors
This memo serves as a guideline for inviting coauthors to take part in the development of a potential manuscript.

Lidar Technology and Application in Forestry
Visiting scholar from University of Bari, Vincenzo Giannico, demonstrates the fundamentals and basics of Lidar technology for foresty applications such as canopy density, vegetation permeability, and more. Last updated October 2015.

Materials and Readings

The Fine Art of Technical Writing by Carol Rosenblum Perry
Carol was once the LEES Lab's technical editor. Carrying expertise in communication, English, and ecology, Carol provides technical writers key points to help them think their way through publications, theses, term papers, and business reports. This digital copy is provided with permission by Carol Rosenblum Perry.

Environmental, Ecological, and Economic Model Demos

eModel Demos
Provided here are models demonstrating functions used in ecological, environmental, and economic data analyses. These models are made available through password protection. Those who have the password are asked to please respect our request to not share these files with others.

If you do not have the password to download these files, please email Gabriela Shirkey for permission.