What is the EC_Processor?

The EC_Processor is a program designed for reprocessing eddy covariance flux data. It calculates 30-minute mean eddy covariance fluxes of carbon, water and energy. It was designed for a system consisting of LI-7500 IRGA, CSAT-3 sonic anemometer and CR5000 data logger. The default input file structure is comma-delimited ASCII format as provided by Campbell Scientific's PC9000 or Loggernet 3. The downloadable program is an independent executable program for Windows operating system. Setup instructions are given in the ReadMe file. EC_Processor allows single-file or batch processing. The source code (in Visual C++) is available upon request and can be modified to accommodate other data sources.

The EC_Processor can calculate turbulent fluxes in 2-axis rotation or planar fit coordinate systems. The program was developed for the USCCC (US-China Carbon Consortium) collaborators, but is available for anyone if the source is acknowledged. The use of EC-Processor for profit is prohibited.

EC_Processor was developed by:

  • Asko Noormets (designed the program and wrote original SAS scripts), University of Toledo
  • Rui Zhou (converted the SAS code to C++ and added GUI), University of Toledo
  • Jiquan Chen (PI of ChEAS managed forest cluster study and of USCCC), University of Toledo
  • David Billesbach (advice constructing the program, cross-comparison of results), University of Nebraska Lincoln