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Participant List

Name Affiliation
Albrechtov√°, Jana Charles University in Prague
Allington,Ginger SYSN
Amartuvshin, Amarjargal University of the Humanities, Mongolia
Bao, Gang Nanjing University, China
Batkhishig, Ochirbat MAS
Chen, Jiquan Michigan State University, USA
Chi, Guangqing Penn State University, USA
Dong, Gang Shanxi University, China
Fan, Peilei Michigan State University, USA
Fernandez-Gimenez, Maria Colorado State University, USA
Gutman, Garik NASA
Henebry, Geoffrey Michael South Dakota State University, USA
John, Ranjeet Michigan State University, USA
Kong, Zhe APNet
Leisz, Stephen Colorado State University, USA
Liu, Mingliang Washington State University, USA
Liu, Yong Southwest University, China
Loboda, Tatiana University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Long, Chao   APNet
Lu, Dengsheng Michigan State University, USA
Mack, Elizabeth Michigan State University, USA
Makathy, Tep Cambodian Institute for Urban Studies, Cambodia
Myint, Win Soe Arizona State University, USA
Myint, Zin Nwe Yangon University, Myanmar
Naing, Zaw Mandalay Technology Co., Ltd, Myanmar
Nguyen, Dinh Duong Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
Thy, Pham Thi Mai Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
Park, Hogeun Michigan State University, USA
Pavel Groismann NOAA
Qi, Jiaguo Michigan State University, USA
Qiu, Huangquang Renmin University, China
Shao, Changliang Michigan State University, USA
Souphanthalop, Outhailak Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, Lao PDR
Ulambayar, Tunga Saruul Khuduu Environmental Research & Consulting (SKERC), Mongolia
Wang, Baorui CAAS, China
Wang, Xu CAAS, China
Washington-Allen, Robert University of Tennessee, USA
Wu, Jingle Arizona State University, USA
Xin, Xiaoping CAAS, China
Yang, Zutao Michigan State University, USA
Yue, Wenze Zhejiang University, China
Zhang, Yaoqi Aurburn University, USA
Zhuang, Qianlai Purdue University, USA

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