UB2017 Synthesis workshoP: a joint effort between two projects

Approximately 65 participants will assemble to advance the development of new products, synthesizing data and expertise in human and nature systems. Each participant brings to the table their unique skills and data for collaboration. These are collected and stored in our online database, which is available to all who attend. This team will focus on developing new systhesis manuscripts, models, and a database.

Synthesizing human and nature data from the Mongolian plateau

All participants are encouraged to lead a synthesis manuscript and offer co-author opportunities to others at the workshop. Authors and co-authors will closely collaborate as a team, each significantly contributing to the final product.

This workshop will create a shared database and reference library for attendees to openly share knowledge for synthesis manuscripts. Each participant is encouraged to contribute to these resources.

Proposals for synthesis manuscripts are due January 30, 2017.

Registration ends March 31, 2017.

Submit synthesis proposal

Proposal forms are due January 30, 2017.
Submissions are can be filled online or emailed as a PDF form to shape the database and literature library.

Register to attend

Registration ends March 31, 2017.
Sign up now and prepare your trip. A checklist will detail what is and is not covered with registration costs.

Develop database

Contribute to the collective database Each participant may access the database after registration, which will connect authors with missing knowledge.

What you need to know before UB2017


Lodging has been offered by the Chinggis Khaan Hotel at a reduced rate, but individual attendees must book independently. UB2017 will take place within the hotel.


Transportation to and from the airport can be scheduled with Chinggis Khaan Hotel for a fee and with 72 hours notice. No other transportation for UB2017 is necessary, as the rest is included.

Agenda and Fieldtrip

View and download the complete agenda for UB2017. This four-day workshop includes multiple fieldtrips as well. Click here to see how you can prepare.

synthesis manuscript

Interested in leading a first-author synthesis manuscript? Complete the Feedback and Information Form by January 30, 2017 to submit your proposal.

Ready to register for UB2017?

Registration ends March 31, 2017.