Data Synthesis for UB2017

Bringing the data divide and supporting interdisciplinary work.

Collecting data for synergistic products

Collaborators will convene at UB2017 offering unique datasets, expertise, and the motivation to lead a synergistic manuscript. We believe that, collectively, we have exisiting data to fill many knowledge gaps and answer daunting interdisciplinary questions.

Contribute data

We welcome data of all kinds (i.e., economic, environmental, demographic, etc.) and ensure that credit will be given. Access to this data is only granted to UB2017 attendees upon registration.

Please contact us regarding the data you wish to share and who should be credited. If you have a data request, please let us know in the synthesis proposal feedback and information form before January 30, 2017.

Access is password protected and is only shared with workshop attendees. The password is delievered after registration for UB2017 is complete. To contribute or explore the data, please visit our database.

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Register to attend

Registration ends March 31, 2017.
Sign up now and prepare your trip. A checklist will detail what is and is not covered with registration costs.


Attendees are the backbone of our synthesis effort. Each participant brings with them expertise and data for cross-collaboration. See who is participating at UB2017 by visiting our registration list.

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