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Key Curriculums for Ecology and Environmental Sciences in Kazakhstan and Central Asia Academic Institutions

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to share and revise the curriculums of major courses required for ecological and environmental sciences for several institutions of higher education in Kazakhstan. Colleges are especially critical at this stage in the development of state-of-art curriculums in ecology and environmental science for Kazakhstan because the nation is gearing up to implement new strategies in natural resource management, including many initiatives related to agriculture, rangelands, and water resources. Both the new policies and their implementation rely on the knowledge and skills of new generations. The partnership project is supported and funded by the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan and implemented by American Councils for International Education.

Project news

2021 Curriculum

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In alliance with NASA, our researchers openly share their data with the broader community. The latest information and resources from our project can be found here for exploration and education.

Data use policy

Use of this data is for demonstrative and educational use only. To publish this data or apply it in other for-profit endeavours, please contact Dr. Jiquan Chen for information. For help interpreting the data, contact the author listed. Information provided here does not conflict with our committment to confidentiality or expose personal information from survey participants.

2022 Curriculum

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Jiquan Chen Professor, PI
Michigan State University
Jinhua Zhao Professor, Co-I
Michigan State University
Ranjeet John Assistant Professor, Co-I
University of South Dakota
Jing Yuan Research Associate
Michigan State University
Colt Knight Assistant Professor of Extension, Collaborator
The University of Maine
Tlektes I. Yespolov Professor, Academician of NAS RK, Chairman of the Board - Rector,   Collaborator
Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
Maira Kussainova Head of Sustainable Agriculture Center, Collaborator
AgriTech Hub Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
Abdirahman Ombayev Professor, Head of the department “Livestock production technology” Collaborator
Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
Kuat Nurgazy Professor, Department “Livestock production technology ”, Collaborator
Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
Kanat Tazhen Senior lecturer of the department “Technology and Food Safety”, Collaborator
Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
Timur Tamenov Specialist of the Sustainable Agriculture Center, Collaborator
Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
Gulnaz Iskakova Head of the Situational Center , Collaborator
Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
Batkhishig Ochirbat Collaborator
Dinara Yessimova Collaborator
Eurasian National University
Amarjargal Amartuvshin Professor, Collaborator
University of the Humanities, Mongolia
Marat Beksultanov Collaborator
AgriTech Kazakhstan
Diana Dushniyazova Collaborator
AgriTech Kazakhstan
Venkatesh Kolluru PhD Student
University of South Dakota


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