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Zutao Ouyang

Research Associate, Michigan State University
Landscape Ecology & Ecosystem Science (LEES)

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Zutao's regards himself as a researcher who is related to ecological informatics or environmental informatics. His research focuses on using remote sensing techniques, GIS, and mathematical and statistical tools to explore existing data to discover solutions for environmental and ecological problems. In the near future, he plans to continue research in synthesizing data from different sources with wavelet analysis, classical and bayesian statistics, and computer models/simulations in an effort to study the driving factors of the water and carbon fluxes of Lake Erie and the interaction between social, economic, and natural factors in human-nature coupled systems.


Research Associate | 2015 — Present
Geography, Michigan State University, MI, United States

PhD Student | 2014 — 2015
Geography, Michigan State University, MI, United States

PhD Student | 2011 — 2014
Environmental Science, University of Toledo, OH, United States

MS | 2010
Ecology, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

BS | 2007
GIS, Sun Yet-Sen University, Guangzhou, China


Journal Paper

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Book Chapter

  1. Chen, J.  R. John, G. Qiao, O. Batkhishig, W. Yuan, Y. Zhang, C. Shao, Z. Ouyang, L.Li, K. Guo, and G. Sun. 2013. State and Change of Dryland East Asia (DEA). In Chen et al., Pages 3-22. Dryland East Asia (Dea): Land Dynamics Amid Social and Climate Change. HEP and De Gruyter. 470 pp


Transitional economies in Southeast, East, and North Asia (SENA), including Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, and the Asian part of Russia (Siberia), have experienced liberalization, macroeconomic stabilization, restructuring and privatization, and legal and institutional reforms over the past three decades. Building upon our previous research on urban systems in the region, rich databases of collaborators, and diverse experience and expertise of team members, we set our objective toward synthesizing the data and knowledge on urban sustainability to the socioeconomic transformation and changing climate in transitional economies in SENA.


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