photo of Yi (Angela) Fan

Yi (Angela) Fan

M.S. Student, Michigan State University
Landscape Ecology & Ecosystem Science (LEES)

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Angela is involved in an integrated research on the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of photovoltaic technology and its production. The study is divided into Environmental Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Social Life Cycle Assessment, and comprehensive structural equation modeling (SEM). To accomplish the assessment, structural equation modeling will be intensively used in the research. Her goal is to explore innovative and efficient PV pipelines to meet the growing and changing demands for efficient PV technology and production, renewable energy, and ecosystem services for society, and to examine how existing trade-offs differ from other energy revenues.


M.S. Student | 2013 — Present
Geography, Michigan State University, MI, United States

University of Toledo, OH, United States

BS Chemical Engineering
Wuhan Textile University


Journal Paper

  1. Fan, Yi, et al. "A Review of Social Life Cycle Assessment Methodologies." Social Life Cycle Assessment. Springer Singapore, 2015. 1-23.
  2. "Is knowledge an important factor for pro-environmental behavior? – A case study of park visitors in Toledo" | in progress


Earth Abundant Thin-film Solar Cells as a Sustainable Solar Energy Pathway is a multidisciplinary project. We are covered under Thrust 2: sustainability assessment of the new technology and products" under a multidisciplinary project.

This project will yield at least two scientific impacts: (1) a thorough understanding of the fundamental science and engineering issues that are critical for realizing economically viable, environmentally benign, earth-abundant solar cells, and (2) new paradigms for science and education in renewable energy and, specifically, sustainable solar photovoltaics.


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