Courses at the LEES Lab

GEO873: Coupled Human and Environment


Dr. Jiquan Chen: (Key Contact)
Dr. Emilio Moran:
Dr. Jiaguo Qi:

Course Description

This team-taught seminar class will provide a forum to examine the broad range of approaches being used by scientists to address human-environment, coupled systems, and the integration of social and natural sciences in environmental research.

We will look at what urgent questions are driving research at this time and in the past, and how a range of teams are approaching the challenge of coupling the natural and social systems to address issues such as global change, climate change, food security, land use/cover, and sustainability.

Date Topic Download
1/12/2016 Introduction to human-environment research (Chen and Moran) Syllabus
1/19/2016 The history of human dimensions of global change research (Moran) TBD
1/26/2016 Integrative Science (Moran) TBD
2/02/2016 Millenium Ecosystem Assessment, Global Land Project and Future Earth (Qi) TBD
2/09/2016 CHANS and Telecoupling approaches (Moran), guest lecture by Dr. Jack Liu TBD
2/16/2016 Approaches from Ecology (Chen) TBD
2/23/2016 Food Security and Land Use Change (Moran) TBD
3/01/2016 Nature-Based Solutions (Chen); guest lecture by Dr. Raffaele Lafortezza TBD
3/15/2016 TBA (Qi) TBD
3/22/2016 TBA (Qi) TBD
3/29/2016 TBA (Qi) TBD
04/05/2016 CNH Systems across the globe: from Mongolia to Central Asia (Chen) TBD
04/12/2016 Urban CNH Ecosystems (Chen); guest lecture by Dr. Peilei Fan TBD
04/19/2016 Student Paper Presentations (Moran) TBD
04/26/2016 Student Paper Presentations (Chen/Qi) TBD
05/04/2016 Term Paper Due TBD